Wine Tasting Dinner

What if I have dietary restrictions or allergies?
What if I don't drink, or prefer only beer or red/white wine?
I'm having trouble booking online or have a large group?
Are wines available for purchase after?
Are kids allowed?
I'm a connoisseur or collector..is this for me?
Can I pay in full ahead for someone or gift this?
I'm celebrating a birthday, can you do something special?
What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

We are happy to make substitutions for vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free, and other dietary requests. When booking, there is a field to make this note.

There is a discounted rate for non-drinkers (water, fruit juice or Coca-Cola provided). If you prefer alcoholic drinks, please sign up as an adult and we can provide beer or substitute wines for you as needed.

Please email us or call us

Absolutely, we even have an excellent wine club if you enjoy what you taste and experience with us.

We offer 2 seatings 5:30 and 8pm. Children under 7 are strongly preferred at the 5:30 seating, as this is a 2.5 hour event. Please use your discretion as there are others who are here to learn and if your children cannot sit patiently, it can be very disruptive. That said, if you trust that there will not be problems, they are welcome and can eat the same menu as you or we can make simple plates for them like pasta with tomato sauce, etc. For older children, there is technically no drinking age in Grece but they of course are not permitted to buy wine from us. We follow your discretion for allowing them to smell and/or taste the wines.

Sure, but we’ve got a better program created just for you. Check out our Taste the Legends event.

Yes, please email us directly to arrange this.

Yes, we can do a candle in the dessert and sing for no cost, or if you prefer to add a small cake from our bakery, the cost is 15 euros. Please email us to arrange it.

We offer a full refund of your deposit 1 week in advance.


Wine Club

What makes your wine club different?
How are your wines selected?
And how? From guides, reviews, points?
How many bottles do I receive each year?
Billing, Shipping, Arrival?
Which style of wines are included?
What if I don't like the wines, or there are problems with the wines?
What if I need to cancel?

Where to start… As most humans are in search of truth, our wine club seeks to lift the veil between the consumer and the producer. We do this through storytelling, but not ‘us’ telling you the story, rather the winemakers themselves. This means each wine will come with a short video of the producer telling you stories of their land and history.

It is also designed for you to be able to host your own tasting with the video and educational material that is provided.

Nikitas & Grigoris Prassas with his extensive knowledge and expertise of Italian and French wines having managed the Cinque cellar of nearly 1,000 labels will personally select the wines for their authentic character – not for flavors built-up in cellars designed to please commercial, mass markets. Most times, these wines will be natural, organic or from biodynamic producers and not easily found in the export market.

Surely not. If there is one thing you can learn that you will benefit from above all is trusting in your own palate. No awards, numbers or journalist comments will guarantee you anything. These are mainly designed to sell more wines, to those unwilling to make decisions for themselves.

There are 4 shipments (quarterly) of 6 wines per shipment, meaning 24 bottles per year. Not enough? You can sign up for a double or triple shipment and receive a volume discount.

Billing happens 4 times per year for the membership price on the following dates:  September 15, November 15, February 15 and April 15 for shipment that arrive the following month – this is to avoid any heat problems.

Wines arrive abroad by plane, not boat, and you can expect them around October 20, December 20, March 20 and May 20.

*Arrival times can vary by a week based on location and potential delays in customs

Typically our shipment will include 1 sparkling, 1 white and 4 reds, but from time to time we may include a dessert wine or even a Champagne (sometimes we feel extra generous). This allows you to host a well-rounded tasting with your shipment with friends and family, as our motto is ‘sharing is caring’. For specific requests, please ask via email and we will let you know if we can accommodate you.

Corked wine is quite rare (less than 3%) but if you have any problems, please let us know immediately. Try to remember that we often like what is familiar to us, and some of these wines may be new flavors for your palate. Get lost in the aesthetic beauty of discovering and being provoked by new flavors. Don’t forget that Italian wines are food wines, not soft plushy California Merlots – pair them to enjoy them!

No worries. We kindly require that you let us know 1 month in advance before the next billing date with an email for preparation purposes.  And of course, we’ll be sorry to see you go.